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South Florida Dachshunds is a Dachshund Breeder located in South Florida, United States. Breeder Emerson Forth has happy and healthy AKC Dachshund puppies for sale. We are known for placing the right puppy into the right home. Our Dachshund puppies for sale are great family companions and go all the way to Emotional Support or Service dogs. We started breeding dogs  in America since 2005 and in Germany since 1980.

As a passioned hobby breeder, we only breed Dachshund dogs and puppies to improve their temperament, health and conformation. Our Dachshund are smooth coat, wire-haired and longhaired.

Single-colored Smooth Dachshunds often are red or cream, perhaps with some black hairs. Two-colored Smooth Dachshunds usually are black, chocolate, wild boar (grizzled), gray (blue) or Isabella (fawn) with tan or cream markings. Dappled Dachshunds have a dappled (merle) pattern in their coats, with light and dark colored areas in even distribution (neither the light nor the dark predominates). 


All our Dachshund puppies are raised with quality care from day one, to insure a happy, confident, well balanced temperament. They are around children, cats and larger dogs to make sure they will acclimate well with any kind of household. These Dachshund puppies for sale come current on their vaccinations, are dewormed and microchipped.

We offer a lifetime genetic health guarantee, life time breeder support, an official certificate of veterinary inspection, registration papers and a useful Dachshund puppy starter package.


As a top notch Dachshund breeder we work very hard with our new family members to insure all our Dachshund puppies for sale are well socialist and pre-spoiled when leaving to their new forever homes. You will be glad you chose your Dachshund puppy from us.


All of our dogs and puppies are eating Proplan Focus dry food and get Nu-Vet multi vitamins daily to boost their little immune systems. For more information on Nu-Vet, please click here.


Feel free to call or text us anytime to ask as many questions as you’d like. We’re here to help everyone (!) and offer lifetime support on all our sold dogs and Dachshund puppies

Thanks for reading and please enjoy our site! Also feel free to like us on facebook for more updates on our Dachshund puppies for sales!!!

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Why choose us as your Dachshund Breeder?

South Florida Dachshunds, is a licensed hobby breeder and not a puppy-mill or neither a Pet Dealer. We truly care for the wellbeing of this amazing breed. As a world class Dachshund breeder , we are AKC inspected and approved. We passed inspection on July 24th, 2018 with flying colors.


Besides AKC (American Kennel Club), some of our Dachshund puppies for sale might be also registered with ACA, ICA, UPR, APRI, SV, VDH, USCA, FCI, KKS or MET. We do so much to insure our Dachshund puppies for sale are the top of the line.

"We love our Dachshund puppies! And our Dachshund puppies love us!"


"The dachshund, also known as the wiener dog or sausage dog is a short-legged, long-bodied, hound-type dog breed."

Highest breed standards 

All our Dachshund puppies for sale are bred to the highest breed standard requirements. 


Happy and very Healthy

All our Dachshund dogs and puppies are happy, healthy, vaccinated, dewormed, vet checked and AKC registered!


We are a top notch Dachshund breeder

We raise our Dachshund puppies our children. We love to show them love and affection. 


Clean living area

All Dachshund puppies for sale are raised in a very clean nursery inside our home! 


Plenty of exercise

All of our Dachshund dogs and puppies get regular exercise and are never confined to a small space.

Excellent dog food 

All our Dachshunds are on a "Purina ProPlan Focus" diet. 

Emotional Support Dogs

Several our previous Dachshund puppies for sale, are certified medical service or therapy dogs.

Customers can reach us 24/7 by

text message (305) 479-3373.



World Class Dachshund breeder located in Miami & Ocklawaha, FL.

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Life time health guarantee on our adorable Dachshund puppies



America's highest quality pet supplements since 1997.

dachshunds of castleshield, dachshund breeder Pro Plan


Pro Plan Savor Puppy is our recommended dry dog food



AKC Dachshund puppies for sale from imported champion bloodline



With only $49.99 down, pick up your Dachshund puppy today.



We have a strict visiting policy to meet our Dachshund pups.

Dachshund breeder AKC Bred With Heart


We are AKC inspected Dachshund breeder in Florida.

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See what other families have to say about our puppies for sale

dachshunds of castleshield, dachshund breeder


We offer convenient shipping on our AKC Dachshund puppies.

dachshunds of castleshield, dachshund breeder


We also offer Obedience training on our wonderful Dachshund puppies.


Q & A

You might have questions, which we can answer on our website

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South Florida Dachshunds is a top notch Dachshund Breeders and have exclusive Dachshund puppies for sale

We sell our Dachshund puppies nationwide all across the USA, to cities like: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Hialeah, Coral Springs, Coral Gables, Redlands, Homestead, Doral, Florida City, Key Biscayne, Key Largo, Key West, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Davie, Fort Myers, Naples, Port St. Lucie, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Pinecrest, Miami Springs, Ocala, Orlando, Lady Lake, The Villages, Ocklawaha, Gainesville, Daytona, Punta Gorda, Jacksonville, Aventura, Miami Lakes, Kendall, South Miami, Dadeland, West Miami, North Miami Beach, Palmetto Bay, Broward County, Miami Dade County, Bonita Springs, Cypress, Odesa, Leigh Acres, Vero Beach, Southwest Ranches, Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach, Palm Beach,Wellington, Pembroke Pines, Parkland, Tamarac, Hollywood, Lake Worth, Port Orange, Plantation, Delrey Beach, Clearwater, Riverview, Jupiter, Pensacola, Atlanta, Texas, Houston, Nevada, New York, Las Vegas, The Villages, Ocklawaha, Ocala, Lady Lake, Leesburg, Chicago and many more. Dachshund breeder, Dachshund puppies for sale,  We also ship our Dachshund puppies nationwide! Tags: Dachshund breeder, Dachshund puppies, Dachshund puppies for sale, Dachshund, Dachshund Puppies, Dachshund for sale, Dachshund puppies for sale, Dachshund for sale, Dachshund breeder Florida, Mini Dachshund breeder, Mini Dachshund puppies, Miniature Dachshund puppies for sale, Mini Dachshund puppy for sale, Mini Dachshund puppies near me, Mini Dachshund puppies South Florida, Miniature doxy puppy for sale, Doxy puppies, Mini Doxy puppy, Wiener dog puppies for sale, Sausage dog puppies for sale in Miami, Sausage dog South Florida, Wiener dog breeder Miami, Wiener dog puppies available, doxy puppies available for sale

South Florida Dachshunds,  Miami, FL 33142 and also near Ocala FL 32179.

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