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We are having top quality Dachshund puppies for sale! All Puppies are sold on strictly first come first serve basis.  There is no other Preference. This means: The Dachshund puppy is for sale until the deposit arrives, no exceptions. In cases of multiple deposits, the first one that arrives gets the puppy.  If your deposit is not the first one then your funds may be credited to a different dog or puppy. We are a trusted Dachshund breeder and keep exact records of the dates and times when all deposits are received.  Deposits are non refundable,  unless something happens on our end and the puppy is not available anymore


A good reputable Dachshund breeder will have confidence in their puppies and their breeding program. They would be proud to list the price for their peace of mind and for your convenience. There is no need to mis-lead or divert anyone, simply list the price. Please click on the picture of the puppy to see it's price. 

Our Visiting Policy (click here) & For Our Payment Methods (click here)

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